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My 16 years experience as the Director of the North Mankato Taylor Library have given me an excellent foundation in leadership, planning, grant writing/fundraising, budgeting, and customer service as well as insight into how the city works from the inside. 

As mayor, I’m excited to put that knowledge to good use in leading the way for a city council that will listen to and respect what people have to say and will work with residents to promote the City of North Mankato and make it an even better place to live, work and play.

Listens. Respects. Acts

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Public Involvement

Residents of North Mankato are the city's customers. Exceptional customer service begins with listening to and respecting what people have to say. To that end, open public comment at council meetings is essential to maintain. Let's value public input and have a conversation about how to make North Mankato an even better community.


I appreciate the small town atmosphere that sets North Mankato apart from other nearby cities. We are not a big city and should be proud of our ability to provide more personalized programs and services for our residents. I believe putting dollars into quality of life for residents may be a better plan than constant expansion of the city. Bigger is not always better. Communication with residents and others as well as the maintenance and improvement of infrastructure will be high priorities. Public input on projects is necessary and welcomed


I believe we need to get back to a need vs want spending culture, keeping in mind that "wants" are not always bad--they just need to be carefully weighed against needs. Listening respectfully to citizen input on what they feel are the city's needs is critical. Unfinished projects should be completed before new ones are begun. Projects should not be found in order to use funds, funds should be found in order to make well-planned projects happen.

My Story

Who Am I?

I am passionate about many things, persistent in achieving goals, appreciate hearing all sides before making a decision, and believe that kindness, integrity and honesty are life's most important values.

I left my position as director of the North Mankato Taylor Library a little over a year ago after 16 years of working with the best staff and patrons around. I feel like we accomplished a great deal together and I'm proud that the library has become a community gathering place. I still spend time at the library as a patron and can sometimes be found talking with other patrons or helping someone find their next favorite book...And I still run a book club at the library. 


I am a planner and I get things done. I was responsible for establishing the Bookin' on Belgrade Nearly 5K Family Fun Run (and walk), the North Mankato Community Read, and along with two community members was responsible for developing and running the ArtSplash Art Fair for 12 years. These events have been very successful and have brought people in our community together in unique ways.

I am an animal person.  Over the years we have had a veritable zoo at our house, but now have only one exceptional cat. I'm dedicated to feeding the wild birds--but definitely not the squirrels--and hope that someday the rabbits will set up housekeeping in someone else's yard! I volunteer for BENCHS at Riverside Pet Shelter where my husband hopes I get my fill of animals and don't bring any more home--at least for the time being.

I also volunteer as part of the sewing group at the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota.  All those fabric vegetables and costumes are actually designed and made in-house.  These women are remarkable!

My grandchildren are my pride and joy and I'm very lucky to be able to spend time with them every week. Storytime at the library is one of many  favorite activities--especially if we're all good listeners and get to stop at Culver's for 'nilla with sprinkles afterwards.

I am a casual runner (with very short legs!) who set a goal a few years ago to run the Mankato Marathon just to prove to myself I could do it.  After 6 months of persistent training, my goal was to finish before the official timer stopped--and I just squeaked by. It took me nearly 6 hours, to cover the 26.2 miles but I DID IT!  As with many things, relentless forward progress often gets the job done. 


My husband, Dick, and I have made North Mankato our home for 30 years and raised our two sons here. We expected our stay here to be much shorter--the plan was 5 years--but this community has so much to offer and was an ideal place to raise a family, so we stayed--and are happy we did. We can often be seen running or biking together around the city and beyond.

Our son, Chris, along with his wife, Emily and our three amazing grandchildren, Quinn, Aftyn and Cora live about a mile away from us. Chris and Emily have made conscious decisions throughout their careers that have enabled them to stay in North Mankato. It's a great place to raise a family!

The call of the mountains proved too strong for our skier son, Steve, to remain a "flatlander" so he and his wife, Maggie settled in Bozeman, Montana where they take full advantage of all the outdoors has to offer and provide us with exhilarating things to do every time we visit.

...and we can't forget Pippi, the newest member of our family who was adopted from BENCHS last July and is potentially the sweetest cat in the world.


Your contribution in any amount is greatly appreciated and will be used wisely.  And if you're interested in participating in my campaign, please let me know what you'd be willing to help with (yard sign, literature distribution, moral support, etc.).  Thank you!

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